Decentralized finance has become a focal point for the blockchain industry in recent months. More and more DeFi projects and exchanges are coming up to make the field even stronger. But it creates a new project with a great idea that doesn’t confirm its success. It requires proper analysis and…

A truly decentralized platform must have a community governance mechanism. In fact, we already know some of the crypto projects have their own governance token and voting rules, while most of the projects don’t care about true governance. But, DeFiGEM cares about decentralization, we also care about community building.

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Wondering how to show DGEM in your Metamask wallet? No worries, it’s easy, have a read.

DGEM is an erc-20 standard token with only 210,000 max supply and you might already have some in your wallet but can’t see it in your balance. If you used Trust or MEW wallet…

Let’s have some fun with a small giveaway.
Purchase any amount of DGEM in the presale and stand a chance to win 1 ETH. Winner determined through Ethereum block hash on 2nd November, block number 11177777. The date has been estimated, you can countdown the timer on Etherscan. You might think…

DeFiGEM an innovative futuristic DeFi ecosystem hosting a series of DeFi protocols within the ecosystem. We have some exciting features like DeFi incubator, lending, and borrowing crypto assets, decentralized automated market marking (AMM), etc. We have just started our pre-sale with a total of 150,000 tokens to be offered.


DeFiGEM definitely deserves a good positioning in the industry, the dual economy, governance, 20% APR staking reward, and high yield return just going to boom your portfolio. The presale will be started in two days, but currently, you can get some cheap DGEM in the exclusive private-sale.

We can’t wait to show DeFiGEM’s pre-drafted roadmap, that’s why making this quick post. A lot of things going to be added in the pipeline, never forget it’s a community governed project. Hold DGEM to earn GGEM and take charge.

You can read more about DeFiGEM here, participate in the private-sale here, or wait for the pre-sale announcement. Obviously, the presale will be at a higher price.

DeFiGEM Team

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DeFiGEM private sale is just to warm up and communicate with early investors where they support the project and get the best possible outcome from the project. We allocated only 10,000 DGEM tokens for private sale, started a couple of hours back, now only 5,000 DGEM left.

Hold DGEM token…

TL;DR DeFiGEM utilizing ethereum blockchain to build a next-gen DeFi management platform. You can earn a high yield with DGEM & GGEM. DGEM is the regular erc-20 token for the platform, GGEM is the governance token. Presale opening soon.

DeFiGem is a futuristic DeFi ecosystem hosting a series of DeFi…



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